See How You Can Invest in FastWave Medical

Learn more about our fast-moving team that’s developing differentiated IVL systems for a $10B market.

Here’s Why You Might Want to Invest in FastWave

Closed a $12M Series A in 2021 with a lead investor that’s active in the cardiovascular space.
Our engineering team has made exceptional progress developing multiple IVL energy platforms.
We’ve already secured two non-provisional patents from the USPTO.
Shockwave Medical is the only IVL company and their market cap is over $10B.

We’re Raising an Exclusive, Insider Round of Capital for Accredited Investors

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If you’re below our minimum investment threshold, you’ll have the option of participating in an RUV on FastWave’s cap table.
This small exclusive round for FastWave insiders won’t last long, so get in before it’s too late!